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set nocompatible
filetype plugin indent on
set nofoldenable
set foldmethod=syntax
set foldnestmax=1
au FileType sh let g:sh_fold_enabled=1
au FileType sh let g:is_bash=1
au FileType sh set foldmethod=syntax
syntax on
set number " Show line numbers
set showmatch " Highlight matching brace
set visualbell " Use visual bell (no beeping)
set hlsearch " Highlight all search results
set smartcase " Enable smart-case search
set ignorecase " Always case-insensitive
set incsearch " Searches for strings incrementally
set autoindent " Auto-indent new lines
"set shiftwidth=4 " Number of auto-indent spaces
"set smartindent " Enable smart-indent
set smarttab " Enable smart-tabs
set softtabstop=4 " Number of spaces per Tab
set ruler " Show row and column ruler information
set undolevels=1000 " Number of undo levels
set backspace=indent,eol,start " Backspace behaviour