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"id": "xyz.beepb00p.promnesia",
"title": "Promnesia",
"author": "karlicoss",
"description": "Promnesia is a browser extension (Chrome/Firefox/Firefox mobile) that serves as a web surfing copilot by enhancing your browsing history, improving your web exploration experience, and integrating with your knowledge base.",
"tagline": "Server backend for the Promnesia browser extension",
"version": "v1.0.20210415-1",
"healthCheckPath": "/status",
"httpPort": 3000,
"addons": {
"localstorage": {},
"proxyAuth": {}
"optionalSso": true,
"memoryLimit": 268435456,
"manifestVersion": 2,
"website": "",
"contactEmail": "",
"icon": "",
"tags": [ "knowledge base", "browsing history" ],
"mediaLinks": [],
"postInstallMessage": "good luck",
"minBoxVersion": "5.3.0",
"documentationUrl": "",
"forumUrl": "",
"changelog": "Build from source"