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set -eu
export SURFER_VERSION="5.13.5-1"
echo "=> Installing mkdocs-material"
sudo pip3 install mkdocs-material==${MKDOCS_MATERIAL_VERSION}
echo "=> Installing redoc-cli"
npm install -g redoc-cli
echo "=> Installing surfer"
npm install -g cloudron-surfer@${SURFER_VERSION}
echo "=> Updating Docker Image"
docker build . -t cloudron/docs-ci --build-arg MKDOCS_MATERIAL_VERSION=$MKDOCS_MATERIAL_VERSION --build-arg SURFER_VERSION=$SURFER_VERSION
docker push cloudron/docs-ci
echo ""
echo "=> Done."
echo "=> To use the new docker image, change the sha in the .gitlab-ci.yml <="
echo ""