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Serg 57aa950a2f
Typing (#4)
* type definitions

* remove Object.assign(), use BigNumber

* path custom ethers provider to constructor. test

* providers test

* using gas-price-oracle v0.5.0

* manager params provider type

* provider type fix

* update deps

* maxPriorityFee param, tests fix

* fix: cancel/replace

* fix: gasParams check

* fix: handleRpcError with web3 provider

Co-authored-by: Danil Kovtonyuk <>
9 months ago
.github/workflows prettier 3 years ago
src Typing (#4) 9 months ago
test Typing (#4) 9 months ago
.editorconfig initial 3 years ago
.env.example Typing (#4) 9 months ago
.eslintrc.json Typing (#4) 9 months ago
.gitignore remove an anoying console.log 2 years ago
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TxManager GitHub Workflow Status npm

Transaction manager that assumes that it has exclusive access to an address and submits one transaction at a time

Will try to bump gas price or resubmit transaction when needed, ensuring that tx is eventually mined